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Honestly, tell me how you feel about your body?

I've never met one women who completely loves the skin she's in.  Including me.  My professional and personal experience has shown me that us women spend way too much time focusing on what we perceive to be the negative physical aspects of our body and very little time in admiration of the fact that it has carried us through our life, maybe also carried and birthed our children and allows us to do the things we love to do! 

Every day I feel honoured to get the opportunity to meet amazing women and hear some of their life story.  I look at them with admiration, but my heart aches when I look into their eyes and see the sadness as they comment negatively on their bodies.

I've had my own personal health destroying struggles with body image and you can read my story by signing up below to join in on the 'Embrace your Body' movement with me.  Plus, by signing up you will be added to my email list a.k.a gateway to free health info including my article direct to your inbox, 'The damage dieting can do to your digestive system and how to heal that damage'.  In the meantime join in on our supportive Facebook group and tell us how you are embracing your body - photos welcome!

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